We support you to work in Sweden

Have you recently received a residence permit as a refugee? Or have you recently moved to a relative in Sweden who have been granted residence permits as refugees for more than two years ago? Then you are covered by the law on establishment efforts for some new arrivals.

Feel free to call us at 0700994746 to find out more.

Activities to help you more quickly get a job

Together we make an establishment plan. The plan includes activities that will support you as quickly as possible to get a job and learn Swedish. We also give advice on where in the country there are good opportunities for you to get a job. While you are participating in the activities you financial compensation called establishment compensation from the employment office.

Get the support of an introduction guide

You also have the opportunity to receive support from us as your introduction guide (pilot). We are a company working on behalf of the Employment Service. Our mission is to support you during play. We may provide you with practical assistance when applying for a job, give you advice on social issues, or when you are thinking about education and career choices.

You choose us as your personal guide and inform your administrator at the employment office.